Judge me not by my handwriting… (Just a little humor from my Sunday night ponderings)



My handwriting sucks. Oh, I have been told a handful of times that I possess pretty handwriting, but I always feel that they were being nice. It was as if they were afraid to say, “Ash, your handwriting looks like an elephant stepped on your hand and broke it into a million pieces.” And to make matters worse, the quality of my handwriting would either becomes worse or more relaxed depending on who is next to me at the time. If I am alone or around someone, who I am comfortable with, my handwriting is more relaxed and somewhat decent. But if I am near someone who make me nervous, well… my handwriting will look like scribbles—very bad scribbles. With that said, I have always preferred to type. I am a lot faster at it as my hands can adequately keep up with my thoughts when I type rather than when I write.


So why am I telling you all of this? Because for the longest time, I was embarrassed and thought that in order to be a respectable, professional adult I had to have gorgeous handwriting especially since I am a woman. It’s a silly notion, I know.  But think about it, how many times have we judged a person based on the fact that their handwriting was horrendous? Anyone? I’ll wait.  The fact of the matter is that we have ALL done it even I and my peers with less than desirable scribbles.


However, I had the eye opening experience (and you will learn that I have many of those). I recently came across a humorous pose about the terrible handwriting of doctors. Doctors! Not “The Doctor,” he can do no wrong in my book, but our human doctors that fix stuff in our bodies like mechanics! Yes, body mechanics. Are doctors not respectable despite that horrendous handwriting? Yes, they are respectable! We swoon the moment someone says “I’m a doctor” or we see a fancy PHD after their name. So why shouldn’t I be considered a respectable adult simply because my handwriting looks like crap?! That’s right! Respect me and my horribly horrific handwriting or not….I don’t think it matters too much.

Doesn't matter what country you live in. Every doctor has horribly horrific handwriting.

Doesn’t matter what country you live in. Every doctor has horribly horrific handwriting.



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