Taking Back your Power

I once stumbled upon a wonderful read. It was so insightful that I instantly copied and saved it to my computer; however, as we often do, I forgot about it. It soon became buried under a mountain of documents, pictures, and files that littered my desktop computer. Yet, every once in a while, during a routine dump of obsolete files, I would come across it again; and I would read it, dream, and imagine. It appears that with every read, and with every experience, I have began to identify with the article more and more. Once again, I have stumbled across this article in my computer. Yet this time, I am treating it differently; I am sharing it with you. Hopefully, it inspires you as much as it does me.



Taking back your Power!

Something phenomenal is happening with her underworld with her many trips down there. She’s been coming face to face with her demons, and taking back her power. She’s vaporized the predators that ate her dreams, the saboteurs who jumped her race close to the finishing line. She’s cleared the grime & slush of her guilt and shame. Most of all, she’s vanquished the ghost voice that haunted her, telling her she won’t be loved & admired if she dared to be who she wanted.

 Her underground cave is now her Sacred Temple, lit with faery lights, soft music and mystical fragrance. It’s her getaway, her place of solitude. She can be alone (All-One) here. This is where she honors herself. And then, her deep Wisdom comes to speak to her of stories long forgotten, or times yet to come. The veil between the real and imagined is very thin here, & sometimes they change places.

 As if an old stone door turns. And suddenly she knows. Deep in her bones, in the pit of her stomach, in the depths of her womb — her knowing tugs at her. She sees connections & understands patterns. She’s allowing new knowledge to settle in her body.

One day, she’ll discover the key to the entire underground matrix, and sit with her siblings who have done the same.

~Sukhvinder Sircar


Embracing Change

I’ve started to notice a recent trend. Whenever I start to notice a shift in my personal reality, I change. I can’t necessarily say that it is a significant amount of change. (Although, I did face my fear of needles and get two tattoos at once. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?! On second thought, that was pretty significant.) I do change, nonetheless.
While others are afraid of change, I can’t help but wonder if I am afraid of staying the same. I don’t know if it is because I personally feel that I have been at a standstill in my life for a long period of time; but every so often, when I have had a major change in my life, whether it be work, love, or just life related, I am suddenly struck with an undeniable urge to change. It could my wardrobe, my personal style, brand, or hairstyle. Regardless to what it is, I’ll try and change. It’s as if I have to have something to show that I have reached a period of change—a shedding of skin.
If anything I think this is an interesting concept to observe within myself but what is even more interesting is the revelation that one can be afraid of being stagnate. I don’t feel that I fear change. If anything, I respect it; however, that doesn’t mean that I love or even like change. Change hurts. The period in which we change is uncomfortable. Our limits are stretched; we experience some pain, fear, and unknowns. But when everything is said and done, we look back in awe of the change and our transformation because of it. With that knowledge, how can we hate or fear change? Because of the process of change? No, our thought process is wrong. We shouldn’t fear change; we should fear staying the same—never advancing, never transforming, never learning, and never reaching your true potential. How can that thought not cause fear to run freely down your spine? I think we need to change our mindset and start embracing change.